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I FINALLY HAVE ONE HUNDRED FOLLOWERS EEK! Thank you guys so so soo much! I’m typing this late at night since I live in the U.S. and I can’t believe it! You guys are all wonderful starfishies and this made my night. Love you all~




why is everyone on tumblr so cool aren’t we all supposed to be losers


when a fanboy starts crying after d.o notices him T.T



your man homie: AJ

your drug dealer: Eli LOL

your sugar daddy: Soohyun akjsgbfdhygfd xD!

your partner in crime: Soohyun omg

your crazy ex: Kiseop…

your parole officer: Hoon

your pimp: Soohyun

your stalker: Eli

your baby daddy: Dongho


if i was someones favourite blog i think i would cry


[Kevin’s Moaning Compilation]

do you ever just wonder if there’s someone who secretly thinks about you and wants to talk to you but doesn’t know how

A blog dedicated to mostly U-Kiss, SHINee, and SS501! :) They are forever my top three groups <3 Especially SS501. I am a hardcore Triple S.

I'll warn you now, most of my posts will be U-Kiss since I'm in their Neverland right now and I'll never get out of it. Hahaha.

*Correction: Most of my posts are Kevin Woo. KEVIN FOR EVERYBODY~*

I listen to other groups too! ^^* EXO, B2ST, f(x), SNSD, KARA... and other groups that people recommend :D

*My Biases! <3*
SS501 Oppa/Yeobo/my #1: Heo Young Saeng
U-Kiss Baby Angel: Kevin Woo
SHINee Diva/Babe/Frienemy: Key
EXO Pet: Luhan
SNSD Perv/Crush: Taeyeon
f(x) Shorty: Luna (actually, I love them all in one way or another)
Goddess: NS Yoon-G
KARA Kutie/Hammie: Seungyeon
Amazing Vocals: Ailee
Miss A Maknae: Suzy
2NE1 Swag Queen: CL (but all the members are so lovable)
Wonder Girl Wonder: Lim
Marshmallow Fluff: IU
SUJU Bug Collector/Weirdo: Yesung
F.T. Island Bias: Lee Hongki

My Favorite Eonni: Kim Hyun Ri (madarlingjiro.tumblr.com) Go check her out if you LOVE Oh Sehun! Or Jung Yonghwa... or *lists a million other biases*

I seriously don't know why but I fall for all the pretty boys in K-Pop unintentionally XD

I also sing/dance on Youtube... my channel is 33dreamergirl. Hehe.

Singing is a huge passion of mine. I'm in a choir at school and I dance K-Pop all the time at home. :D

Lee Jong Suk (my puppy)
Kim So Eun
Kim Bum
Han Ji Min
Park Shin Hye
Lee Seung Gi
Lee Yeon Hee
Park Bo Young
Song Joong Ki
Kim Soohyun

Oh! Oh! If you ask me to do scenarios for you I just might! ;D

Bare with me, I reblog random things that interest me. Like food. I love my yum yumz.

*Random Stuff*
-I'm an Elvin shipper. But I ship Kevin with everyone. Including myself. LOL (2Sung)
-I ship JongKey (of course) but MinKey is even better.
-Um... Korean things I've watched:
Boys Over Flowers
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Gu Family Book
I Hear Your Voice (my gah. it's so good)
Rooftop Prince
City Hunter
Playful Kiss
You Who Came From The Stars
A Werewolf Boy
200 Pound Beauty
-I've seen almost every single SS501 show. Like the really old ones. Yup yup ^^*
-My birthday is the same as Lee Kiseop from U-Kiss (that's why he's my twin) and Kangin from Suju.
-I love Running Man. My goodness. Haha is my favorite member. What about you?

I'll take any U-Kiss/SS501/SHINee GIF requests! :D Depending on my mood. Haha. I'm doing mostly SS501 GIFS cuz they're so rare.

Feel free to ask me anything! SS501 related questions are like a breeze to me ;) I could do "what if" questions for the members so ask away! Your choice *shrug shrug*

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